Purchase Order Financing

Find Out Why Everyone Is Talking About Purchase Order Financing

There are times when every company needs extra funds. Whether to purchase inventory or expand operations, you need a reliable source of capital. With traditional loans, this often meant risking valuable real estate or important equipment as collateral. Fortunately, purchase order financing is different.

With PO financing, all you need to get started are purchase orders from customers that have good credit. No equipment or real estate. No inventory. No liens or collateral of any kind. You get all of the benefits with none of the risk! Purchase order financing from ARTIS COMMERCIAL CAPITAL provides businesses with the funding they need to cover large and unexpected orders, and to get a stronger foothold in the marketplace. Our PO financing program includes:

  • Financing so your business can court larger customer accounts
  • The ability to grow your business quickly without risking equity or collateral
  • No debt on the balance sheet

Adapt Quickly To Market Changes

With purchase order financing, order frequency, volume, and urgency don’t matter. You always have the funds required to purchase inventory, fulfill large customer orders, ship products on time, and make your clients happy.

Learn more about purchase order financing by contacting ARTIS COMMERCIAL CAPITAL. Getting started is a breeze.