Referrals and Brokers

Come Work With the Best

ARTIS COMMERCIAL CAPITAL has an outstanding reputation in the financial sector. Wouldn’t you like to work with us? We’re always looking for new referrals and brokers to come on board with our referral and broker program. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Prompt payments upon closing
  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Excellent referral fees and commissions
  • Reciprocal referrals for returning clients
  • High-quality relationships with members of the team

We will even assist you in submitting or previewing a transaction with us. If you’re interested, give ARTIS COMMERCIAL CAPITAL a call or email today. 

What We Offer

With sales positions open around the United States, we are looking for dedicated workers to fill those slots. Our referral and broker program offers many advantages, such as:

  • Get loans funded with a quick turnaround time due to our versatile lending capabilities.
  • Thanks to our financing resources you can work from anywhere.
  • We offer top-notch commissions in exchange for your hard work.
  • Our skilled professionals are committed to finding the financing your clients need.
  • We want you to be successful and are dedicated to helping you enrich your career.

What We Are Looking For

ARTIS COMMERCIAL CAPITAL believes in the importance of hiring a diverse team that represents the people we serve. In addition, there are a few traits that we like our employees to demonstrate on the job. 

  1. A sense of humor. It relieves stress and tension and strengthens your bond with your client.
  2. An outgoing nature. If you are friendly others will want to spend time with you.
  3. Organizational skills. You will need to maintain the details on a wide variety of transactions.
  4. Self-confidence. There can be a lot of rejection in this job. A strong belief in yourself will serve you well.
  5. Self-motivated. You can drive yourself to accomplish your goals.

If you have some sales experience and are hard-working, call or email us today to set up an interview.