Buying commercial property is often the gateway to big profits. Securing a great piece of commercial real estate can come at a hefty price. Many people need to finance these types of purchases. One possibility for financing is a bridge loan.

Bridge Loans: A Brief Review

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used most commonly for real estate purchases. Its name is suggestive of its main use: It is taken out to “bridge” the gap between property purchase, and the arrival of funds from the selling of another property or securing a long-term mortgage.

Why Utilize a Bridge Loan?

A person interested in purchasing commercial property may be interested in obtaining a bridge loan for several reasons:

The deal may be available only for a very short time and speed is of the essence

A cheaper long-term mortgage is coming, but the funding won’t arrive for a period of time

You intend to purchase the property using the proceeds from the sale of another property that hasn’t closed yet  

A bridge loan can come with high rates, so those considering one need to be fully aware of the costs involved. That is why they are generally used for short-term situations.

Using a Bridge Loan for Commercial Real Estate

In some cases, a bridge loan may be the ideal method to secure a coveted commercial property. For example, if there are no good deals available in the traditional mortgage market, a bridge loan may be preferable.

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