Foreign Buyer Financing

Foreign Buyer Financing

If you own a business in the United States and are looking to expand your operations internationally, Artis Commercial Capital has you covered. Our foreign buyer financing program enables exporters to enhance their cash flow to manage local customer accounts while expanding to take on business in new countries. Foreign buyer financing from Artis Commercial Capital allows businesses to:

  • Cover the costs of equipment, labor, materials, and supplies
  • Post standby letters of credit that serve as bonds or guarantees
  • Purchase finished goods for export 

Working Capital Loan Guarantees

  • Capacity to offer flexible financing for large contracts
  • Better advance rates than traditional loans
  • Fast closings with minimal paperwork
  • Inclusion of collateral that is typically overlooked
  • Low collateral requirements for advance payment guarantees, bid bonds, or performance bonds
  • Loan backing guarantees up to 90%
  • Revolving and transaction-specific guarantees
  • No lower or upper limits 

Get the Funding You Need to Grow

If you need financing to make inroads with international accounts, contact the team at Artis Commercial Capital today.


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